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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we have new information on a transit situation causing headaches for so many long island railroad commuters. this train derailment in hicksville last night is still impacting service. it was slow going this morning, so how are things tonight? gus rosendale is at penn station with the service update. >> reporter: on a hot night where tempers are a little cooler than they were 24 hours ago despite the fact that a third of eastbound service hour. that is the big headline from the mta at this hour. a number of updates for you here. those trains that are running do appear to be on time low passengers are being warned that delays could pop up. a special note, the port jeffersons service restored eastbound. but buses are still linking mineola and hicksville stations in both directions. so if your travels take you between hin yol la mineola and hicksville, you will end up on a bus.
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up the mess left behind when the two freight cars jumped the tracks last night. your commute this morning? >> four hours. >> how are you feeing evening commute? >> we'll see. >> how do you feel about the lirr. >> >> a lot of money. >> there was a 20 minute delay and i think there might have been extra stops. it seemed a little bit longer than it should have. >> going home looks okay? i think so. i haven't heard of anything p but i'm catching the 3:55. >> fingers crossed. >> thank you. >> reporter: and a lot of people want to keep those fingers crossed here about that . we have focused mostly on eastbound, but if you're heading in to the city tonight, the lirr suspending westbound service on the huntington, port jefferson
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westbound service suspended from will:00 to 4:00 to #:00 8:00. a lot of people coming in for the made does an in a onna concert so you'll need to make other plans. rutgers football coach is facing a $50,000 fine and three day game suspension to violating school policy. a investigation found kyle flood made contact with the faculty member in regard to a player's academic standing. this type of engagement between coaches and staff is strictly banned. the news is the latest blow to the embattled football deal. brian thompson will have an interview with the president of rutgers coming up at 6:00. the police officer behind the wheel of a deadly head-on crash will faimg face a judge ce a judge on monday. and he will plead not guilty to charges. sources say he's expected to
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face vehicular manslaughter charges. the car plowed head-on into a tractor trailer killing a fellow officer and friend. he had the blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. he was badly injured. to decision 016 now. will there be more fireworks tonight? we will see. tonight the republican presidential candidates will face off for a second debate and donald trump is walking into this as a frontrunner. jay gray high school a as a preview in california. >> reporter: round two in what has been a republican free for all is now just hours away. 15 candidates, two debates and one front runner. >> i hear they's all going after me. whatever. >> reporter: holding the outright lead, some calling on donald trump to shift from rally mode and deliver specifics of his presidential platform. >> we'll come out with some plans in a very short time.
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>> reporter: while challengers are trying to make time with voters in a crowded field. ben car so that and carly fiorina have been gaining ground in the polls and most agree both need to make a splash that and carly fiorina have been gaining ground in the polls and most agree both need to make a splash tonight. but it may be most important for the candidate that many thought would be the one to beat. >> i'm a joyful tortoise. >> reporter: lagging in the poll, jeb bush is reaching out to latino voters releasing a new bilingual campaign ad. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: and working to tie himself to the roots of the party. the legacy of ronald reagan, one that those who knew him best say republicans need to embrace right now. >> ronald reagan isn't someone who would attack people personally. he believed honestly in the 11th commandment, thou shall not speak ill of another republican. >> reporter: most expect that will be broken early and often tonight. so a lot of gop insiders say they do expect jeb bush to change his tone here a bit
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tonight and directly challenge trump during this debate. outside the reagan presidential library, jay gray, news 4 new york. >> and read up on all of the candidates running for president. you'll find personal details along with their political plans. just go to and search decision 2016. chaos in the hungarian border as the my grant oig crisis continues to unfold there. anti-terror units fired tear gas and water cannons. >> migrants threw rocks and bottoms demanding they be allowed to cross into hungary. tonight hundreds are injured. many of you are wondering what can you do to help. >> and the story of one orange county woman who wants to open you her own home. >> marie, the mother of warwick, just like you, she has been watching those painful images from across the world. families fleeing with only the
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a picture of a little boy washed ashore. >> this is a beautiful town. this this is an accepting town. we've been known for our acceptance in warwick, new york. >> reporter: marie credits her late father who never thought twice about paying it forward. >> our father came from holland during world war ii. started farming in orange county. would find other people from holland who needed a home or he would find migrant people living in his barns and bring them this to the house to feed them. >> reporter: it is her father who she thinks of today as she watches the migrant crisis unfold in europe. this mother of five, grandmother to 11, is desperate to help. follow in her taker's foot steps. she lives in the 13 acre farm, has two empty bedrooms, ready and willing to house any of the
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has agreed to admit into the u.s. >> i'm going to make phone calls to my friends, the rotary i'm very active in, will they will help us to find homes and jobs. we're looking to find jobs for these people. we have room in our schools. we have lost some population. the population is down in the high school. and we have room in the elementary and middle schools to bring these children in. >> what a big heart. so far the u.n.'s refugee agency has reported horn 4 million registered syrian refugees. and if you want to help, feds say contact local resettlement agency like catholic charities. to find a complete list of agencies by state, logon to and search re refugee help. still ahead -- >> parents pay close attention. we have a recall involving this car seat. it could leave your child
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unprotected during a crash. and janice is here. >> it's about the same, the forecast with warm temperatures, still dry out there. what will it take to see some showers around here even though sunshine? i have the forecast coming up. and 5:30, sex predator striking at a bus stop. what police want women to know. that's a big bull. and 5:30, sex predator 1800 pounds of do whatever the
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take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month
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an accident in new jersey has residents calling for new safety measures to be taken and fast. a car struck a crossing guard helping families walk to go services. jen maxfield checked out the scene today. >> reporter: the drivers on new bridge road don't seem to have slowed down at all. not even after matt's mother was hit by a car here yesterday while working as a crossing guard. >> in the whole time i've done this job, the fact of getting hit by a car never really occurred to me until it happened. >> reporter: joanne was helping you jewish families cross new bridge road yesterday morning so they could go to temple to celebrate the new year. the driver who hit her is
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believed to have been blinded by the rising sun. >> we always thought that the crosswalk guards were enough, but after yesterday -- >> reporter: the accident has renewed calls for a traffic light here at new bridge road and westminster where the congregation is located. the synagogue has grown to more than 1,000 members who observe the jewish custom of not driving on holy days. so temple members walk to services and many have no choice but to cross new bridge road through this crosswalk and you can see the drivers aren't stopping for me either. >> i cross the street with all my kids together at least once a week. and more often than not we have to wait at least five minutes to get all the cars to stop and even then there are still cars that try to go around you around the crosswalk. it's steamily ly extremely dangerous. >> this is a disaster waiting to happen. >> reporter: they said a prayer for joanne during the services. she had a head injury but has
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been upgraded to fair condition family. jen maxfield, news 4 new york. in california, those devastating wildfires are still burning out of control. two fires have already burned through more than 200 square miles. and destroyed nearly 1,000 homes. one person died and thousands are still evacuees. today firefighters finally gained ground on the fire, cooler weather and sporadic rain helped their efforts. and in utah, search teams discovered the bodies of two more hikers swept away in zion national park. one is still missing. on monday, rapids swept away two vehicles carrying 16 people this all. nine children and three women, all related died. the others were pulled from the water and survived. if you are a homeowner who submitted a damage claim to the feds after super storm sandy and you think you have been short changed, you have 30 more days to challenge the results. fema announced an extension
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after more than 20,000 homeowners asked for reviews. many say the insurance companies short changed them. fema says you can file for review on its website or by phone. a plan this big trouble, accused of leaving his 3-year-old son unattended in a car overnight, police say he also admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel. according to investigators, the 22-year-old walked home and fell asleep after he got a flat tire early saturday. apparently he forgot his son was sleeping it in the back seat of the car. after sunrise, a good samaritan found the boy inside the parked car sitting in a soaking wet diaper and crying. fortunately we're told that boy was all right. consumer alert for parents tonight pl a recall of 173,000 pro ride and performance ride car seats made before june 9 of this year. when the seats are installed using the top tether, the top portion of the restraint can
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increasing the risk of injury to the child or vehicle occupants. no injuries have been reported, but ricaro is offering a free fix kit. time for the weather now. and sunshine upon sunshine. >> and more cool nights. of course this morning was no different than the last few mornings except there were a few more spots that were in the 60s versus the 50s. and the city being one of those. because it's so much asphalt and pavement, it holds on to the heat longer. but still very comfortable. 40s once again north and west and 50s, too, across parts of long island, this morning. and this afternoon it was pretty hot, 88 in central park. the average keep in mind is 75 for a daytime high for today. 80s. this warming trend continues. the weekend looks great and there will be changes next week. week. and we'll feel it and see it, too. 81 right now in redding.
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right around 80 across parts of long island, islip, farmingdale. so for the city this evening, it's just the same forecast we've had the last several days. enjoy. it's going to be clear. the temperatures near 80 around 7:00 and then they will fall through the 70s. so it stays warn, but very dry. low humidity. we are watching this area of clouds across the carolinas and georgia. they have showers there. right now the high pressure that is over us is keeping that at bay, so we're not seeing that move up just yet. it may change early next week. in the meantime temperatures cool off tonight. 60s and 70s during the evening hours. and then later on overnight 50s and 60s once again to start your day tomorrow. it will be another hot one tomorrow. pretty much where we were today in the mid to upper 80s except right along the shore areas where be in the 70s to near 80 degrees. looking ahead to the weekend, fantastic. it does gradually cool off. by the time we get to sunday, we start to see a bit of and on shore flow so the temperatures will be a little bit cooler and
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week with showers coming in and much needed rain. that's fine. we don't mind that of course. the "7-day forecast" shows a high of 87 tomorrow, mid-80s tomorrow. it starts to turn next week fall officially begins on the 23rd. and by that time, the highs will be in the low 70s. back to you. listen to this. >> where that special song will play during pope francis' visit here in new york. and a phone call years ago that made this musician's life long dream come true. that's coming up next. and coming up at 6:00, a grandmother there queens scammed of her life savings. now a warning you need to hear as news 4 investigates these alleged smooth talking con
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we're getting close. just six days until pope francis
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arrives for his first trip to the u.s. and he'll be here in new york next thursday and friday. >> when the pope steps in to madison square garden for mass, a special sound will fill the arena. marc santia has the personal story of the man behind the music. >> reporter: one score, three popes. >> i'm the luckiest guy on >> reporter: hard to believe this beautiful music all started sound. a phone call. >> he said the pope is coming to central park. can you make it an eight minute piece because we need to cover his entrance from fifth avenue to the park which takes eight minutes in the popemobile. >> reporter: michael, broadway composer, immediately began pouring his soul into the keys of this century old steinway for pope john paul ii. >> this is the fanfare. >> reporter: processional for a pontiff was written.
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the pope enters. you see him for the first time. >> reporter: on that october day back in 1995, a 40 piece opus. >> you feel like is this really happening. i kissed his ripping and i said -- what do you say to a pope? >> reporter: then 13 years later, the phone rang again. >> michael, pope benedict is coming. we'd like to use the piece again. >> reporter: and thousand with pope francis, you guessed it, another phone call. >> and said we'd like to use it at madison square garden, as well. and i said three popes? imagine three popes using your music and to be alive for it. this didn't happen after i'm gop
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like so many composers get recognition afterwards. >> reporter: on the upper east side, marc santia, news 4 new york. >> beautiful. and a programming note. darlene rodriguez will be travel to go cow uba for the pope's trip. watch for her reports starting saturday night. >> and there is a special section on our website with everything you need to know. head to >> david is here now with a look at what is coming up at 5:30. >> how a teen's effort to impress his engineering teacher back fired. we'll tell you why you he was hauled out of school in handcuffs. and two sexually assaulted by the same man in weeks. police want to stop him.
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right now on news 4 new york, women targeted and sexually assaulted as they walk down the street. investigators say the predator followed both of his victims from bus stops along the same line in bergen county. >> it happened just days apart. looking for. >> reporter: we're just a few blocks away from where the first september and oddly enough no one we talked about had even
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is why we're show to you now and as often as possible so police can get this guy off the street. >> this guy is definitely a predator. you do not want to make any light of this. he victimizes them and after done, he flees from the scene. >> reporter: the man is as cruel as he is cunning. he follows his victims, weightses until they're alone and then strikes. >> waiting for our victim to be alone in the dark and surprise our victims from the back. and use force to bring them down to the ground. >> so scareded. >> reporter: both women were asian american, both had just gotten off the new jersey transit bus number 166 when they were the attacked. the 166 runs down busy broad avenue here in palisades park,
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end of town where businesses close earlier. >> i finish my work the at 8:00. >> one incident happened last tuesday at approximately between 10:00 and 10:15 p.m. second incident also happened around the same time between 10:00 and 10:15. >> reporter: on tuesday night the first victim got off the bus at the ruby avenue stop and was approached two blocks away. two nights later, it happened again this time at west edsel and broad. >> oh, my gosh. i didn't hear that. >> reporter: new jersey transit is advising passengers to please take advantage of its requests. drop d off at interest place better lit is so you can be again here is a look at that picture. if you've seen this man, you
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the per gen county prosecutors office or the police. pat battle, news 4 new york. the nypd wants you to take a close look at teis next video. police say it shows a man who tried to rape a woman on the street around 5:00 tuesday morning in brooklyn. he offered to buy the 45-year-old victim cigarettes and soda at a drug store. after leaving, police say he choked her with a cor and cut her clothes off but took off en she started screaming. the aide to governor cuomo who was shot in the head in brooklyn last week hts been declared brain dead. carey gabay's taem family says he remains on life support. he was caught in the crossfire betw n two gangs. police hav ed a sketch of the suspected gunman. some parents are furious because the oyster bay school district waited too long to tell them a janitor threatened to
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shoot up james h vernon
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